Engineering Simulations

TMI Simulation Solutions produces state-of-the-art low and high fidelity real-time simulation systems to solve complex challenges in engineering.

Saab Gripen Store Separation

Aeronautical and Mechanical Simulations

We have a team of experienced aeronautical, mechanical, and electronics engineers, complemented by a suite of in-house and commercial computer aided engineering tools. Our combined 50 years of engineering experience includes:

  • Static and dynamic loads analysis
  • External stores integration
  • Air, marine and terrestrial vehicles
  • Support for global aerospace and defence companies with product development activities throughout the product life cycle.

Virtual Battlefield Simulations

Virtual Battlefield Simulations

With war gaming and net-centric warfare being the leading technology for mission planning and acquisition decisions, we have mastered the craft of creating low fidelity mathematical models to simulate the operational performance of various air, sea, and land systems in a virtual world. The virtual battlefield is an example of a multi-platform, multi-system simulation platform, used for mission planning and operational effectiveness studies.
Using our in-house simulation platform we can create multiple what-if scenarios to assist our clients with crucial acquisition decisions.

EVE Electric Vehicle

Automotive Engineering Simulations

As electrical vehicles are becoming more popular, several new entrants are beginning to supply alternative components. Introducing mechanical and electronic simulations early in the concept and preliminary design phases of an electronic vehicle drastically saves time and cost when sizing and selecting the best components to attain the desired performance specifications. TMI enabled local entrepreneurs to test different designs in our simulator when designing and developing a 3-wheeled electric vehicle for the South African market.

Mining Simulators

Mining Engineering Simulations

Introducing new equipment into the mining environment requires detailed benefit-to-cost analysis. Simulating the equipment's performance in the mining production capacity by analysing several what-if scenarios helps mining engineers make informed decisions. We have assisted mining companies with different types of desktop engineering simulators, including the rapid rail loading system using bottom discharge containers.